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Worcester 25i Combi Boiler

The Greenstar i combi boiler is perfect for small to medium sized homes with one bathroom.

A well-established award-winning boiler that has been installed in over 1 million homes across the UK, our latest model now has a user friendly control that allows you to adjust your heating and hot water to meet your exact requirements.

The boiler and cylinder will have a 7 year guarantee.


This is an estimate and will require a site visit to confirm pricing. This does not include the cost to relocate the boiler, or upgrade any undersized pipe work.

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Available on 2-Years 0% ARP from as little as £20.09 per week with 10% deposit


Add a Worcester magnetic system filter. Over time, central heating system water accumulates harmful dirt and debris, such as rust and solder fragments shed by radiators and boilers, all of which can cause considerable problems.

The Worcester Greenstar System Filter has been specifically designed to combat the damaging effects of system debris and pollutants by capturing contaminants before they reach your boiler.

Also increases your guarantee to 9 years


The Worcester Wave is a smart, internet connected programmable control for central heating and hot water which can be operated using a smart device.

The advanced programming enables the Wave to interact with your boiler and take advantage of clever control features that will improve the efficiency of your heating system.